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How to Properly Choose Trendy Baby Girl Clothes

How to Properly Choose Trendy Baby Girl Clothes

Today, there are so many trendy baby girl clothes that you can easily find in many baby shops. They are available in various colors, models, and sizes. So, some of you are probably confused about choosing the proper ones. Below are the tips that you can follow to do so.

Choose the Size According to Your Baby’s Age

Baby clothes are usually about 50 cm to 80 cm. But the size can be adjusted to the height of babies. Baby clothes with a size of 50 cm are suitable for newborns with a height of around 50 cm. 60 cm in size is suitable for babies aged 3 months old, 70 cm in size is ideal for babies aged 6 months old, and 80 cm is an ideal size for babies aged a year old. Regardless of age, you should be careful when choosing baby clothes to be worn several months later.

For example, when you buy ones in the middle of the year to be worn on Christmas holiday, choose the bigger ones than your baby’s size now. It is because babies grow around 10 cm every month. Moreover, if you buy baby clothes as a gift, choose the bigger ones than their age now.

Make Sure the Quality

It is said that the thickness of a baby's skin is one-third of an adult's skin. Since the baby's skin is very delicate, most baby clothes are sewn from the outside so as not to irritate the baby's skin. At first, you might think the front and the back are upside down, but this is the right position. When you are about to purchase baby clothes, pay attention to the quality and neatness of the seams. Make sure there is no loose seam or messy seam. Also, check the seams on shoulders and arms to make sure your baby can comfortably move their arms.

Consider the Materials

Baby clothes are made from various materials, such as cotton and gauze. It will be better if you know first the characteristics of every material. Then, choose the one that is ideal for the weather and season. There are some essential factors that you must consider when it comes to materials. For example, breathability and materials’ ability to absorb sweat and to withstand heat. When the weather is hot, cotton and gauze materials are recommended because they can absorb sweat well and are breathable. When it is cold, several layers of soft materials will do. Pure cotton is a suitable material for any weather and season.

Easy-to-Use Models

There are 3 ways to use baby clothes, which are snap buttons, straps, and velcro. Snap buttons do not directly touch the baby’s skin. It is not too thick as well so that it is ideal to be layered with other clothes. Straps are adjustable to the baby’s body size. It is easy to remove and assemble so that straps are ideal for newborns. While velcro is suitable for active babies since it is quick to assemble. To sum it up, straps are recommended for newborns while velcro and snap buttons are ideal for older babies. So, make sure you choose baby clothes with easy-to-use models.

Check the Table Size on the Brand’s Website

The next tip is checking the table size of baby clothes on brands’ websites. The size of each brand can be a little bit different. So, it will be better if you check the table size of baby clothes on the brand’s official website before you decide to buy ones. Some brands of baby clothes mostly provide size charts on their official website or social media. The size charts are usually divided based on the baby’s height and weight. This can be your guide when you are shopping trendy baby girl clothes, especially if you shop online, such as on Amazon.

Measure the Length and Width

You are suggested to measure the length and width of the baby clothes you are going to purchase instead of checking the size based on the age on the label. This is purposely to avoid choosing wrong sizes. Measuring the length and width will be more accurate and more correct.

Consider the Functions

Baby clothes are available in many models. Short-sleeved baby clothes are suitable for daily use. Changing diapers will be easier with this kind of cloth. Short-sleeved clothes can also be worn during the summer or rainy days. Long-sleeved baby clothes are comfortable to use when sleeping. However, most parents today prefer to choose bodysuits instead of long-sleeved clothes. Because bodysuits are easier to wear and suitable as well for hanging out. Bodysuits are suitable for babies aged from 6 months old up to 2 years old. It is available in various designs, colors, and models. It is also known as a romper or body shirt. Here on The Baby and Mom we have so many option that you can choose 

Easy to Wash

Before you decide to buy certain baby girl clothes, try to check the label and see the washing procedure. Some baby clothes are made from materials that are hand-wash only or dry-clean only. This means that you should not wash the baby clothes by using a washing machine. Since you are already busy enough taking care of your baby, choose the ones that are easy to wash. Check the materials used as well as the washing procedure.

Do Not Buy Too Much

Last but not least is to avoid buying too many baby clothes. Babies are rapidly growing, especially in their first weeks. As it is said before, babies grow around 10 cm every month. Newborn clothes are mostly worn in a short time. So, you should not buy too many baby clothes. You will only end up stuffing up your baby’s wardrobe. we also have Baby Shower Gift List that you can also consisder

Those are the tips that you can follow to properly choose and buy baby girl clothes. Besides those tips mentioned above, be aware as well of the accessories featured in the clothes. The accessories might be dangerous when your baby put them in their mouths. So, are you ready to find proper clothes for your baby girl?