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Economic Food and Milk That Safe for Six Months Baby

Can you give your six-month baby another food beside the breast milk? Of course, you can, because their digestive system is ready enough to digest food. But, the food must be soft to eat like ripped bananas or porridge. There are some manufactured food and milk that safe for them. If you don't have time to cook organic food, then try this porridge and milk types. Check this article below.

Here Are Some Products That Are Safe To Be Consumed By Babies

  1. Smooth Cereal

This cereal contains nine vitamins and thirteen minerals. It is good for the infant's growth. It is also can be consumed by babies for over four months. You can pick one of its various flavors such as cheesy veg with pasta, cauliflower broccoli with cheese, strawberry, blueberry muesli, and raspberry. If you want to purchase this kind of baby's cereal, the price is affordable.

  1. Brown Rice and Other Flavors Porridge

This one is rich in both macro and micronutrition. It is suitable to use as a complementary food and milk for your beloved baby. It is only available for babies for over six months. There are five variant flavors such as brown rice with banana, strawberry with banana, meat and peas, spinach, and chicken pumpkin soup. The taste is good enough and it is healthy.

  1. Wheat, Honey, and Dates Food for Babies

This combination can be an option for your six-month baby. It is rich in zinc, iron, vitamin C, and vitamin A that very nutritious for the baby's growth. Especially the zinc which helps to maintain the body's health. This food is made from wheat, honey, and dates. There are various types of this food and milk taste for your babies such as milk porridge and honey porridge.

  1. Non-Lactose Milk for Babies

Do you want inexpensive milk but still nutritious for your baby? You can try this one. This milk is available for the babies. It is also free from lactose. So, if your baby has lactose intolerance, this item can be a solution. Besides, it contains 11 amino acids essential such as leucine, lysine, and isoleucine. These components are nutritious. You can buy it in the supermarket.

  1. FOS and GOS Milk

This infant milk contains FOS (Frukto Oligo Sakarida) and GOS (Galakto Oligo Sakarida) that can fulfill daily fiber and good for gastrointestinal tract flora. This can be food and milk for the six months of babies. But, you still need to feed them complementary food like porridge. There are 12 vitamins, 9 mineral, and fish oil. You can purchase it via the online market place.

In conclusion, you can buy organic or instant food or milk for your baby. But, make sure it's nutritious and safe to eat. If you produce breast milk, it's better to still breastfeed your babies until two years. Even when you already give them complementary foods, breast milk is still needed. Are you looking for this baby's food? Go to check it out in our shop the baby and mom and choose the best one you like.