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Baby Shower Gift List Recommendations

Baby Shower Gift List Recommendations

The baby shower is a happy moment. It is a celebration for a mom-to-be. When you are invited to a baby shower, do not forget to bring a gift. But, what should you bring for the happy mom-to-be? Here is the useful baby shower gift list for your recommendation.

Handmade Gifts

People invited to baby showers are usually the closest ones to the future mom. And nothing shows more love and attention greater than a handmade gift. A handmade gift is a great idea for you who wants to bring a personal gift. Spare your time to make a blanket, hat, socks, or even clothes. You can also opt for bringing a basket full of handmade gifts. This is surely touching and special to be able to give presents from the bottom of your heart.


Do not measure the appropriateness of a gift just by its size. But also think about the value behind it. If you do not have enough time to shop baby shower gifts, giving a voucher can be a great alternative. Besides practical, this gift is also helpful for parents-to-be to have a bunch of the same gifts. You can give a baby gear shopping voucher, postpartum care voucher, or a photoshoot voucher so that the parents can have a family photo with their newborn.


The next recommended baby shower gift list is diapers. Diapers might be an explicit and obvious gift. But it can be said that diapers are one of the best baby shower gifts, whether for the first child or third child. You can bring some packs of newborn diapers that can be worn in the baby’s first months. Beautifully pack the diapers and add a pretty bow. You can pack the gift yourself or leave it to a professional.

Car Seat

A car seat is a useful gift that makes it easy for parents-to-be to bring their baby home from the hospital. Sometimes, most parents forget to prepare or buy a car seat because there are so many things to prepare for the birth of their baby. There are so many car seats available in various designs, models, sizes, and colors. Choose the one according to the baby’s age. Make sure the car seat is high-quality, soft, comfortable, and easy to install. Do you want to bring a car seat as a baby shower gift?

Baby Bedding Set

Babies will spend most of their time in their first months sleeping. So, choosing a bedding set can be a great gift to bring to the baby shower. You can easily find baby bedding sets in baby shops. Such as a baby bed, complete with pillows, blankets, and bolsters that are already prettily packed. You just need to pick the color, pattern, and do not forget about the quality. Make sure the bedding set is comfortable and soft for babies.

Baby Bags

A baby bag is an essential thing to bring to the hospital to accommodate baby clothes and other baby gears. So, there is nothing wrong with giving a baby bag as a baby shower gift. To make the gift more special, you can fill the baby bag with various useful items. For example, baby clothes, diapers, pacifiers, and many more. Baby bags are available in so many models, sizes, and colors. Moreover, today’s baby bags are designed to be stylish and versatile. If you know the parents’ style, it will be easier for you to pick the right one.

Packages for the Mom-To-Be

All of this time, a baby shower is identical to giving presents for the baby. People tend to forget the most important role, which is the mother. Pregnant and carry the baby for 9 months, there is nothing wrong to bring a baby shower gift that can comfort the mom-to-be. You can opt for giving a postpartum treatment package that can make the mother feel refreshed. Or, you can bring her favorite foods, breastfeeding clothes, or a baby photoshoot voucher.

Baby Shower Gift List Recommendations

Baby Electronic Items

In this technology era, there are so many useful electronic products for babies. Such as a breast pump, baby monitor, sterilizer, slow cooker, bouncing seat, and electronic thermometer. You can buy one of those electronic products as a baby shower gift. Parents-to-be will be really helpful with those baby electronic products. Check out our Baby Food Maker collection 

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are the most common and easiest present to give. There are a lot of various models of comfortable and cute baby clothes. It will be easier for you to choose the gift if you already know the gender of the baby. But, you can opt for neutral baby clothes if you do not know the gender yet. Pick baby clothes with neutral colors, such as yellow, white, green, grey, and so on. You can complete the gift by giving socks, shoes, hats, and gloves. If you want to give baby clothes as a baby shower gift, make sure they are made from high-quality and comfortable materials. Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive, check How to Properly Choose Trendy Baby Girl Clothes if you need more information

Baby Gear

The next recommended baby shower gift is baby gear. If you have quite a big budget, giving baby gear as a baby shower gift can be the right choice. There are various kinds that you can pick. For instance, a baby stroller, bouncer, convertible bed, and many more. Besides considering the price, you should also consider the features and safety of the baby gear. Also, make sure it is easy to use and operate.

Nursing Cover

Besides breastfeeding clothes, nursing covers are also needed by mom-to-be. Just like the name, a nursing cover functions as a cover when the mother breastfeeds the baby, especially in public places. This item is available in various designs on Amazon. It will be better if you give a nursing cover that is made from cotton materials, because they are soft and comfortable. You can also give the one that has useful features, such as a baby pillow.

Those are the recommended baby shower gifts that you can give. So, which present are you interested to give?