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Basic Baby Feeding Equipment You Need to Take Care of Your Baby

As a mother, you must be want to give the best for your baby, including the food. Not only choose nutritious food but the baby feeding equipment also important. The tools that not hygiene are dangerous for the infant's health. Besides, bad equipment can make babies show fussy feeding behavior. Check this article below to find out the feeding tools you need.

Here Are 5 Types of Equipment To Help Feeding Your Baby

  1. Milk Bottles to Feed Your Baby

When you want to make instant milk, you need a bottle. For safety purposes, choose the one that made from the plastic material is advised. Pick the bottle with a plain shape for easy cleaning. For a newborn, buy the small bottle. However, as the baby grows you need to offer the larger ones. You will need two or three bottles to allow time for the sterilization of this equipment. You also can check Food and Milk for baby for more detail 

  1. Feeding Teat for Your Baby

The baby feeding equipment, including a teat, is also important. Pick the silicone or the latex teat. But, the silicone is more recommended because it can hold its shape longer. It also lasts long even when you sterilize it with boiling or steam method. Choose the traditional, orthodontic, or flat-topped teat shape with the right length. The teat that reaches the baby's soft palate is a good one. 

  1. Baby Spoon to Feed Your Baby

Do you want to give your babies spoon so that they can learn how to eat? Choose the soft spoon made from silicon for a self-feeding infant in the first stage. Also, pick the one with a soft rounded edge to protect the baby's delicate gums. Avoid the baby feeding equipment that not 100% BPA and no phthalates free. You need to check all the safety requirements for the feeding tools.

  1. Cleaning Set for The Feeding Tools

Care about hygiene? Then, you must have this cleaning set, including the nipple and the bottle brush. Choose the one with no chemical substances and BPA free. Also, pick the bendable and anti-rust handle. So, you can bend and shaped to work around the bottles or teats corner easily. Make sure that every tip of the brush has a plastic protective cap to avoid the scratched surface.

  1. Baby Bibs for Tidiness Eating Habit

This product is a must-needed to prevent the messiness of babies when eating. You can use the bibs as the baby feeding equipment. You can pick the bibs made from silicone. It is easy to clean because of its stain resistance. The silicone material doesn't absorb the water, so it is waterproof. The bibs can prevent the food from falling over the baby clothes. Also, it is easy and flexible to use.

In conclusion, you can feed your infant with equipment such as the sterilized milk bottles and teats. The silicone bibs and spoons are additional tools. You still can purchase it if you want. Remember to always check the equipment's safety. Because it is also important for the baby's health besides hygiene. Wondering where to buy these items? Come and check it out in our shop The Baby and Mom.